Change Management Implementation, phase 2

Project Leader: Susan Edmisson

Project Duration: Q4 2017 through Q2 2018

Scope of Work: Implementing change management allows the Division of IT to minimize risk and enable changes to be made to the production environment with little or no disruption to campus stakeholders and the division. With the completion of phase 1, the change management implementation project set up the process and onboarded an initial group of critical Systems Engineering services. In phase 2, the project will onboard all Division of IT to use change management for business service changes affecting the production environment. Critical/high impact services will be prioritized, beginning with Networking services.

Change Management Implementation Goals:

  • Deliver high quality change management that minimizes risk and reduces negative impacts on our services to customers and day-to-day operations of the Division of IT.
  • Support effective communication and collaboration with the Texas A&M University campus about changes to the production environment.
  • Practice continual service improvement using Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators to measure performance.

Phase 2 Project Objectives: 

  • Onboard all Division of IT to use change management for business service changes affecting the production environment. 
  • Standardize communications about planned and approved changes.
  • Implement continual service improvements (CSI) identified by the phase 1 onboarding project.
  • Implement improvements to the ServiceNow Change application to support the Change Management process.

Phase 2 Timeline:

  • Cybersecurity, IT Risk Management, Policy & Compliance (by April 26)
  • Networking and Infrastructure & Operations (by May 4)
  • Telecommunications (by May 18)
  • IT Solutions & Support (by June 1)
  • Service Desk (by June 21)

Division of IT Change Advisory Board (CAB):

  • Cheryl Cato, Associate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Pete Marchbanks, Executive Director
  • Kristen Kubenka, Security Analyst III
  • Jon Griffey, Associate Director
  • Josh Kissee, Associate Director
  • Jeff Phillips, Associate Director
  • Zac Sanders, Associate Director
  • Rudy Supak, Associate Director
  • Chris Norton, Associate Director
  • Myron Walden, Associate Director

Division of IT Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB):

  • Cheryl Cato
  • Jon Griffey
  • Zac Sanders
  • Kristen Kubenka