New West Campus Data Center

The new West Campus Data Center will open in the fall of 2017. Tech equipment is being ordered, and equipment installation is expected to last through September.

Once open, the West Campus Data Center will give the campus a pair of high-availability, geographically separate data centers, expanding service capabilities and improving business continuity.

The West Campus Data Center was designed to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The data center was also constructed to remain adherent to all standards, since LEED certification must be maintained over time. All of the various standards can be found at

For additional information, review our overview of data center services and facility statistics and FY 2018 rates. Contact with any questions.

Data Center Timeline
Fig.1 West Campus Data Center timeline Full size image

The Division of IT Data Center Services

Security is Priority One

Designed from the ground up to integrate security into every layer. Whether protecting data in transfer, or monitoring physical visitors, we provide the complete security package.

  • Enhanced physical security including controlled entry, 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance and an armed security guard at our West Campus location.
  • Pervasive monitoring and intrusion detection across the data center - whether an Aggie Cloud or co-location user.
  • Secure data network capability including network segmentation and traffic isolation.
  • The Division of IT is building our networks and services to address increasingly stringent local, state and federal compliance requirements and continuing to improve our cybersecurity posture.
  • Whatever level of security you require, we can tailor our service appropriately.

Customized and Flexible Solutions

Flexible services include co-location space for your servers, virtual machines that can be activated in minutes and build-to-suit solutions. Let us help you find the solution customized to meet your needs.

  • Co-location space is available for Part 02 users for no charge for FY18.
    • A server build room enables users to install, configure, and test systems before moving them into controlled operational space.
    • Production data center halls and build-to-suit space are available now, and we plan to continue expanding capacity.
  • The new Aggie Cloud is a self-service model with VMware powered virtual machines.
    • Virtual servers can be sized to meet your needs, offer cost savings, improve data security, provide enterprise level infrastructure and reduce physical space requirements.
    • A comprehensive suite of VMware vCloud Operations software is used as the virtualization service platform for the Aggie Cloud.
    • Self-service provisioning of virtual machines and storage, as well as Platform as a Service, are new capabilities introduced as a result of the implementation of Infoblox and the VMware suite.
    • VMware certified experts on staff and available when you need them.
    • And most importantly, when the auditors call, we’ll be there with you.

Dependable and Redundant Power and Network

Redundant power and cooling systems, and redundant data center high-speed networking ensure the availability of critical research and administrative systems.

  • High-availability and resilient systems from the network, to the generator, to the electric subsystems, all the way down to the outlet. (AB power)
  • Two high-speed redundant network paths to each data center. Flexible and extensible network configurations to meet your needs.
  • Service monitoring to ensure physical security and operational integrity of systems and services.

Certified and Dedicated Professionals

Professional, 24/7 NOC, technical support and management of the data centers ensure departments can focus on their core mission while the Division of IT focuses on the facility, network and IT service infrastructure. Data Center Managers are CNET CDCMP certified.

Add Value to Your Users

Departments and colleges using the data center can free up valuable physical space, reallocating it to functions unique to their local mission.

  • Avoid the significant time and cost of designing, building and maintaining local server rooms and support infrastructure.
  • Help the university realize significant energy savings.

Data Center Size
Fig. 2 West Campus Data Center space breakdown Full size image