Security Controls Posted for Review

The following controls are posted to solicit comments prior to publication, as required for new or revised security controls under Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M0.01 Security of Electronic Information Resources.

Comments or questions should be forwarded to

Review and Draft Process

Texas A&M Information Security Controls are developed from the State's Security Controls Standards Catalog (Version 1.3.) These standards present specific guidance for implementing security controls at the university level, as required under Texas Administrative Code §202.76. Texas A&M University Risk Management and Policy staff create an initial draft of security controls for review by an advisory group of IT professionals. This advisory group represents a wide range of university IT environments. After review by the advisory group, new or revised security controls are posted for public comment before final adoption and publication.

Stakeholder and Advisory Group

A stakeholder group reviews and offers input into draft security controls prior to being posted for public review.

Advisory Group Members:

Andy Bland
Executive Director, Information Technology
Division of Finance & Administration

Aaron Brender
Director, Information Technology
Vice President for Research

Jim Rosser
Information Technology Manager
International Ocean Discovery Program

Adam Mikeal
Director, Information Technology
College of Architecture

David Sweeney
Director, Information Technology
Division of Student Affairs

Ron Szabo
Director, Information Technology
Bush School of Government and Public Service