Current Projects

802.11ac Campus Upgrade
Perpetual project to upgrade campus Wi-Fi.

Campus NAT Replacement
Implementing updated hardware to ensure a secure operating environment for the TAMU network.

Change Management Implementation, phase 2
Implement the change management process throughout the Division of IT.

Disaster Recovery Plan for the Division of Information Technology
Develop a disaster recovery response plan for the Division of IT that complies with the State of Texas security controls.

New West Campus Data Center
Renovation and opening of the new West Campus Data Center.

Protection of Controlled Unclassified Information
Analyze governmental regulations and requirements to ensure proper compliance.

Self Service Site Strategic Redesign
Analyze the Service Catalog-related sites and develop improvement requirements.

Texas A&M Identity and Access Management (TAMIAM) Technology Update Project
Replace the locally developed TAMIAM applications with the One Identity Manager.

Texas A&M Technology Summit 2018
Plan the annual technology conference for System professionals to learn, exchange ideas and network. 

Wireless Segmentation
Updating the wireless network security to ensure overall security of TAMU network.

Questions? Comments?

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