IT Continuity of Operations

Is your IT Resource considered Mission Critical?

If you provide an IT resource and an event causing the unavailability of the resource would result in:

  • significant financial loss
  • institutional embarrassment
  • failure to comply with regulations or legal obligations
  • or closure of the department/unit

Your IT resource is considered Mission Critical, and you must complete a Unit Level IT DR Plan.

Access Unit Level DR Templates

The IT Disaster Recovery program uses a structured approach:
  • Essential IT services that support essential functions as defined by Annex J (Institutional Continuity Plan) are managed in the Texas A&M IT DR Plan (TAMU IT DRP).
  • IT services critical to individual department/units are managed in unit-level IT DR plans.
  • Non-critical IT services are listed in department/unit-level plans, and have minimal requirements for backup validation testing (see CP-4 Contingency Plan Testing and CP-6 Alternate Storage Site for requirements).
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