Assessment Question Guide for SPECTRIM

The Assessment Question Guide provides assistance and guidance on answering the application assessment questions in SPECTRIM.

Assessment Templates

These spreadsheets allow assessors to complete the assessment and respond to findings outside of SPECTRIM, and reduces the time they spend in SPECTRIM since they can copy their answers from the spreadsheet.

Note: These documents cannot be used as an import template into SPECTRIM at this time. If there is a version number listed below, makes sure you’re using that version of the document. Older versions may have outdated information.

FY18 Quick Reference Sheet (PDF)

List of terms used in SPECTRIM, a brief description of user roles within SPECTRIM, and when certain assessments are required for the various components. Click here to view.

FY18 Assessor Training PowerPoint

Presentation that covers the FY18 IT risk assessment process, user roles, review of the assessments, how to respond to findings, and support. Click here to view.

SPECTRIM Knowledge Base Articles