Training Options

The Division of IT provides guidance on requirements, tools, and procedures to Division Risk Assessment Coordinators (D-RACs), but it is the responsibility for each college and division to designate appropriate personnel for the completion of the IT risk assessments. D-RACs should work with IT staff in each department of their college or division to determine who needs to be an assessor. D-RACs will be informed of assessor training opportunities (e.g. onsite, scheduled class sessions) and should pass along information to their designated assessors.

Onsite Training Sessions

The D-RAC will coordinate with the Division of IT to set up the onsite training session.

  • Class size: minimum of five. Maximum determined by the D-RAC and location size.
  • Location: determined by the D-RAC. Usually done at the unit’s location.
  • Audience: up to the unit that initiates the training
  • How to sign up: determined by the D-RAC
  • Workstation provided: No, individuals will need to bring their own laptop or other portable device that has internet access

Scheduled Class Sessions

Scheduled through Employee & Organizational Development (EOD)

Course Number & Name: COURSE 2112827: SPECTRIM – Assessor

Course Description: This course is designed for employees who have the responsibility of completing a risk assessment using the tool, SPECTRIM. You will receive an overview on risk assessments, become more familiar with the information security standards at Texas A&M, and learn how to complete an assessment using the SPECTRIM tool. This course is taught by a Division of IT instructor.

    • Class size: max of 14 people
    • Location: General Services Complex (GSC) - Employee & Organizational Development (EOD) Suite 2201
    • Audience: anyone designated by their IT department to be an assessor
    • How to sign up: the Division of IT provides D-RACs with the TrainTraq sign-up links (includes the date and start time of the class) through email. D-RACs forward the information to those who need training, so they can sign up for a time that fits their schedule. The assessors will use the supplied TrainTraq link to sign up for the session.
    • Workstation provided: Yes
    • Classes will be added based on feedback from D-RACs and necessity due to class sizes

Upcoming Training Dates:  There are no scheduled dates at this time. Classes will be added based on feedback from D-RACs.

Email with any questions or concerns